About The Artists

When I first began working on this site, it was my intention to use part of the “Welcome Page”  to make note of a couple of the artists whose murals had caught my attention. I made reference to them, and provided a link to their home page.

A funny thing happened as I began taking more and more pictures throughout the city and really paying attention to the amazing work of these artists. My appreciation of the talent of all of the artists led me to add more and more names to that Welcome Page. As I learned more about them, I learned that in addition to giving the city the gift of their art, they give so much more to this community. Many of them are involved with special projects within the Mural Arts Program. These programs include the Community Mural, Art Education & Youth Development, Restorative Justice, and other Special Projects. In addition, some of the artists are also involved in community projects outside of their work with the Mural Arts Program.

As a result, I decided rather than either not giving proper credit to each artist I’ve listed on the various photo pages, or continuously adding names to the Welcome Page, I’ve added this page. I plan to list each of the artists listed on the photo pages, and hope to provide a link to their own website, or perhaps just an article or two  about them that I found online if I couldn’t find a webpage they may have. At this time, I don’t have a link for all of the artists. Please feel free to send me any links for an artist I should include--or links that are better than what I have. As I add more pictures to the photo pages, I’ll be adding more artists below, as well as links to pages, articles, etc. As a result, this page will forever be considered “under construction.” By the way--on the photo pages, I list one - three of the artists who were noted as the artists for each mural. (I usually get the info from muralfarm.org.) However, these murals usually involve the work of many others who assisted in their design, painting, etc, but are not listed “officially” as the artists involved with the mural. At times, a community was involved in bringing these murals to life. While I don’t have them listed on the photo pages or below, the number of people who are involved is impressive. 

So, in no particular order, here are the artists listed on the photo pages. I selected the pictures to the right somewhat randomly. They’re not matched to the specific artist on the left. They’re also not “thumbnails” so don’t bother clicking on them--unless you’ve got time to kill or need the exercise.


John Lewis

Cliff Eubanks

James Burns (James is involved with a community project

called the “Personal Renaissance Project”. See this blog.)

Marcus Akinlana

Peter Pagast  

Michelle Angela Ortiz 

Meg Saligman 

Donald Gensler  

Josh Sarantitis  

Ann Northrup

David Guinn 

Juan Dimida  

Henry Bermudez 

David McShane   

Paul Santoleri  

Patricia Ingersoll 

Parris Stancell 

Eric Okdeh  (You should also check out his 

amazing mural blog.) 

Barbara Smolen  

Delia King 

Michael Webb  

Jared Bader  

Brian Senft  

Jacob Landeau Brandywine  

Willis Humphrey aka NOMO

Jane Locke

Tomie Arai 

Shira Walinsky  

Paul Downie  

Pauline Houston McCall (She is the founder

and director of the women’s art collective I

have linked to her name.)

Jimmy Liu

Betsy Casanas  

Ken Millington  

Eliseo Art Silva

Carla Forte  

Ana Uribe 

Ernel Martinez  

Michael Schwartz 

Kimberly Clark  

Patrick Connors  

Warren Rice 

Randy Bullock

Lee Behl  

Michael Schall  

Robert Bruce Bullock 

Vincent Desiderio 

Phillip Adams  

Diane Keller  

Cesar Viveros-Herrera  (For more info try this site)   

Larissa Preston

Kristin Groenveld 

Simon Huelsbeck

James Dupree

Arturo Ho

Frito Bastien

Jane Degenhardt-Kutzer

Jane Golden  

Burton Dodge

Charles Hankin

Sam Byrd

Sam Donovan

Stacy Lewis

Jamie Pearlstein

Jamie Battle

Felix Oslemi

Jason Slowik

David Gray

Angela Crafton (See this article about Angela's journey.)

David Gordon

Jonathan Laidacker

Ras Malik (See this article about

                     the life of Ras Malik.)

Wade Williams

Calvin Jones

Efrain Herrera

Sidney Goodman

Keir M. Johnston

Robert Minervini 

The Miss Rockaway Armada

Kathryn Pannepacker (see also this site.)

Danny Torres

Pedro Ospina

Social Impact Studios

Grace Jung

Amber Art & Design Featuring Tatyana Fazlalizadeh

Freddy Sam (aka Ricky Lee Gordon) (see also this site)

Joseph and Gabriele Tiberino (See also this article)

Ben Slow

Joshua Mays

Chroma Dolls, LLC

Michael Reali


Keith Haring

Shepard Fairey

Candy Chang

Karl Yoder

Jeffro Kilpatrick

Brad Carney

Richard Haas

Jeane Cohen

Tjai Abdullah

© Rob Westle 2012