North Philly, Lower Northeast, Kensington, NE "2"

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Healing Wall-Inmates Journey:  Cesar Viveros-Herrera & Parris Stancell

Murals Shown Below:

  • Healing Wall-Inmates Journey:  Cesar Viveros-Herrera & Parris Stancell. 3048 Germantown Avenue
  • Healing Wall-Victims Journey:  Cesar Viveros-Herrera & Parris Stancell. 3065 Germantown Avenue
  • Philadelphia Pharmacy:  Parris Stancell. Front St. & Lehigh Ave
  • My Life, My Path, My Destiny:  Cesar Viveros Herrera. Aramingo Ave and E. Lehigh Ave
  • Tribute to Peaches:  Peter Pagast & Stacy Lewis. 830 W. Indiana Ave
  • Together We Stand, Divided We Fall:  John Lewis. 903 W. Indiana Ave.
  • L'Dor V'Dor:  Rira Walinsky & Paul Downie. Red Lion Road & Jamison Ave
  • St. Christopher's Hospital for Children:  Betsy Casanas. Front St & Erie Ave
  • Tropical Landscape:  Diane Keller. 2144 E. Arizona. Street
  • The Heart of Kensington:  Ann Northrup. Kensington and Allegheny Avenues
  • Forever Home:  Chroma Dolls, LLC (Kala Hagopian & Ali Williams). PAWS Northeast Adoption Center. 1810 Grant Avenue.
  • City of Champions Mural:  David McShane. 2701 Grant Avenue
  • At The CrossRoads:  Ernel Martinez. At Phila Industrial Correctional Center—8301 State Road

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