Center City: Walnut to South

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Progress For Women:  Cesar E. Viveros-Herrera & Larissa Preston

Murals Shown Below:

  • Progress For Women:  Cesar E. Viveros-Herrera & Larissa Preston. 1307 Locust Street
  • Garden of Delight:  Ann Northrup. 1312 Spruce Street
  • Philadelphia Muses:  Meg Saligman. 1235 Locust Street
  • Theatre of Life:  Meg Saligman & Juan Dimida. Broad & Locusts Streets
  • Fantasy Landscape:  Brian Senft. 1642 Pine Street
  • Treeman:  Jacob Landeau. 16th & South Streets
  • Pride and Progress:  Ann Northrup. 1315 Spruce Street (on Juniper Street)
  • Spring:  David Guinn/Restoration by Phillip Adams. 1315 Pine Street
  • Gimme Shelter:  David Guinn. 1236 Lombard Street
  • Taste of Summer:  Ann Northrup. 1312 Spruce Street
  • Famous Franks:  David McShane. 13th and Pine Streets
  • Royal Theatre. Eric Okdeh. 1524 South Street
  • Mapping Courage--Honoring W.E.B. Dubois & Engine #11. Willis Humphrey. 6th & South Streets
  • Billiards--A Tribute to Edward "Chick" Davis:  John Lewis. 1412 South Street
  • Garden of Delight:  David Guinn. 203. S. Sartain Street
  • Legendary:  The Roots Mural Project:  Amber Art & Design featuring Tatyana Fazlalizadeh. 15th & South Streets.
  • The Phillies Mural:  David McShane. 24th and Walnut Streets
  • A Tribute to Gloria Casarez:  Michelle Angela Ortiz. 204 S. 12th Street
  • The Atlas of Tomorrow: Candy Chang (with help from James Burns). Juniper and South Streets.

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