Parkside, Powelton, & Mantua

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Philadelphia Stars—A Tribute To Negro League Baseball:  David McShane. 44th and Parkside

Murals Shown Below:

  • Philadelphia Stars--A Tribute To Negro League Baseball:  David McShane.  44th and Parkside
  • Tuscan Landscape:  Tish Ingersoll. 32nd and Spring Garden
  • Holding Grandmother's Quilt (One facing East; another facing West on Aspen):   Donald Gensler. 39th and Aspen Streets
  • A Family Garden:  Donald Gensler. 801 N. 40th Street
  • Reaching For Your Star:  Donald Gensler. 37th and Mt. Vernon Streets
  • Seeds of The Future (Learning From The Past):  Donald Gensler & Jane Golden. 35th & Wallace Sts
  • Map of Mantua:  Donald Gensler. 674 N. 36th Street
  • Just Before Fall:  James Burns. 3911 Lancaster Avenue
  • Flowers For You:  James Burns. 3880 Lancaster Avenue
  • Reach For Peace:  Pauline Houston McCall. 642 N. 36th Street
  • Songs of Hope:  Donald Gensler. 3413 Haverford Avenue
  • Jewels of Mantua:  Shira Walinsky. 631 N. 36th Street
  • Black Family Reunion (restored):  Kimberly Clark and Ernel Martinez. 4022 Parkside Ave.
  • Boy With Raised Arm:  Originally by Sidney Goodman; Replicated by Brian Senft. 40th & Powelton Ave.
  • Tumelty House:  James Burns. 31st and Hamilton Streets
  • Timeless Journey--Patti LaBelle Redo:  Peter Pagast. 3402 Mantua 
  • History of Parkside and Leidy School:  John Lewis. 1301 Belmont Avenue
  • Haverford Trolley Stop:  Paul Santoleri. 3941 Haverford Avenue
  • MLK On Lancaster Ave. (Honoring Dr. King's speech at 40th Street and Lancaster Ave during his "Freedom Now" Tour in 1965.):  Cliff Eubanks. 40th Street and Lancaster Avenue
  • North Star:  The Journey to Freedom:  Delia King. 1100 N. 41st Street
  • Work To Ride:  David Gordon. 39th and Cambridge Streets

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