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Here are pictures that I've added since May 2012--when this site was redesigned. Click on their link to go to the page where you'll find them. In most instances, they'll be toward the bottom of the page:

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Added September 2012/Modified in December 2012 (Be sure to see added text and pictures as described in the addendum to the text):

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  • United House of Prayer For All The People: Burton J. Dodge. 16th and Fitzwater Streets
  • Nelson Mandela:  Ben Slow. Smedley and Fitzwater Streets (This mural was painted in September 2013. It’s not formally part of the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, although they did provide assistance. I happened to have discovered it shortly after Mandela’s death, while reading about Nelson Mandela’s life. You can read more about this mural here.)

Added January 2014

  • Stronger Together:  Cesar Viveros (Assisted by Lynwood Ray and Efrain Viveros-Herrera). 1924 Spring Garden St. 
  • Marian Anderson:  Joshua Mays. Marian Anderson Recreation Center—740 S. 17th Street

Added February 2014

I’m back! After having to take about a 2 year hiatus from adding to, I’m excited to be once again adding pictures of great murals to the site.

Added February 2016

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Added May - June 2016

A special thanks to Anna Szlavi. Anna is a Fulbright Visiting Student Researcher from Hungary who has spent most of this academic year in Philadelphia. She developed a love of the city’s Mural Arts Program and reached out to me having found this site. I had a great time meeting with Anna and discussing the murals and the impact on the communities of Philadelphia. Anna was kind enough to point me in the direction of a few murals in the  West Philadelphia area that I hadn’t seen before. 

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