Center City: Market to Walnut

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Lincoln Legacy Project:  Josh Sarantitis & Eric Okdeh

Murals Shown Below:

  • Lincoln Legacy Project:  Josh Sarantitis & Eric Okdeh. 707 Chestnut Street
  • Beasley Building Mural:  Michael Webb. 12th Street (Between Sansom & Walnut Streets.)
  • People's Progression Towards Equality:  Jared Bader. 8th & Rainstead Streets.
  • Symbols of Change:  Donald Gensler. 2110 Market Street
  • Tree of Knowledge:  Michael Webb. 1301 Market Street
  • Finding Home:  Josh Sarantitis and Kathryn Pannepacker. 13th and Ludlow Streets.
  • Summer Rendezvous:  David Guinn. 20th and Sansom Streets

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