The Fight Against Cancer

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Sandy’s Dream. By Ann Northrup. 4368 Cresson St. (aka Main St. & Leverington Ave.)

At it’s best, the internet, social media, email, etc can be an amazing thing. It was through social media—and my love of Philly sports, that I became connected with a friend named Dee Wieczorek. Dee’s online profile says it all:

Obsessed sock knitter, crochet teacher, cancer ass kicker. Accounting student. Writer. Exasperated Philly sports fan. Future Villanovan."

She is all that—and without question, a “cancer ass kicker.” Dee is a regular contributor to the online magazine, "Cure Magazine." Her writings for Cure Magazine can be found here. Dee told me about a mural in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia, called "Sandy’s Dream.” While I was aware that I had previously taken pictures of two other murals focusing on the fight against cancer, “Sandy’s Dream” is the first mural to raise cancer awareness in the United States. You can read more about the creation of this mural, which is related to ovarian cancer, by visiting this site

All of our lives have been impacted by cancer. We’ve lost friends and loved ones to cancer, have friends who have fought—and “kicked cancer’s ass”—and it’s likely that some of those who are reading this have themselves, been diagnosed with cancer. 

So in memory of the loved ones that I’ve lost to cancer, and in honor of my friends and family who have successfully fought cancer, I decided that rather than put these murals raising awareness about cancer on various neighborhood pages, I should show them as a collection on one page.


Murals Shown Below:

  • Sandy’s Dream:  By Ann Northrup. 4368 Cresson St. (aka Main St. & Leverington Ave.) 
  • Cancer Support For Life:  Cesar Viveros & Efrain Herrera. N. College & 22nd Street
  • Tribute To Alex Scott (Alex's Lemonade Stand):   Robert Minervini. 4326 Lancaster Avenue
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