JFK to Callowhill (Including "Chinatown")

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How To Turn Everything Into Something Else:  "The Miss Rockaway Armada"

Sometimes I'm driving around and I'll stumble upon a mural at a location that I've driven by thousands of times in the past. One morning in February 2012, I was driving south on Broad Street, and was stopped at an intersection at Broad and Race. I happened to look to the left and saw a mural that I'd never seen before. (I later found it was done in October 2011.) It was bright and colorful and had a great "childlike" quality to it. I came back the next day and took a few pictures of the mural titled "How To Turn Everything Into Something Else." When I came home and had the chance to read about it, I learned that it was done by a group of artists from an art collective called "Miss Rockaway Armada", who along with a group of kids (ages 10-15 years old) from the Mural Arts art education program, created this mural. You can read more about it here.  


Murals Shown Below:

  • How To Turn Everything Into Something Else:  "The Miss Rockaway Armada". 207 N. Broad St.
  • Secret Book:  Josh Sarantitis. 312 N. 19th Street
  • Reach High And You Will Go Far:  Josh Sarantitis. 1926 Arch Street
  • Lifelong Learning:  Donald Gensler. 18th & Callowhill Streets
  • Breaking Through:  Meg Saligman. 125 N. 8th Street
  • Commemorating Women In The Visual Arts:  25 N. 23rd St. Michelle Angela Ortiz
  • History of Immigration:  Simon Huelsbeck. 404 N. 2nd Street
  • Independence Starts Here:  Donald Gensler. Broad & Race Streets
  • Gateway To Chinatown:  Josh Sarantitis. 12th & Vine Streets
  • History of Chinatown-125th Anniversary Committee:  Arturo Ho, Giz, N. Phung, H. Tran
  • A Thousand Children Playing:  Jane Locke & Tomie Arai. 1034 Spring Street
  • How We Fish:  Social Impact Studios & Eric Okdeh. 125 N. 8th Street
  • Unifying the Cultures of Neighoborhood in Philadelphia:  Joseph and Gabriele Tiberino. 15th Street between JFK Blvd and Arch Street (along the Muncipal Services Building.)
  • The Stamp of Incarceration—James Anderson:  Shepard Fairey. 1131 Callowhill Street
  • The Stamp of Incarceration— Amira Mohamed:  Shepard Fairey. Race Street (at 15th Street)
  • Growth of a Metropolis:  Richard Haas & Jon Laidacker. 251 N. 3rd Street.

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