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Mario Lanza:  Diane Keller

Several of the murals on the "South Philly" pages definitely have a different "feel" to them. And they should. The Mural Arts Program works with the community to develop murals that are designed and created by mural artists with community involvement. Like the Mario Lanza mural above, these murals are definitely "South Philly." I first saw many of the murals on these pages when my wife and I took a Mural Arts Program tour. I took some pictures during that tour and returned a few days later to take many more.


Murals Shown Below:

  • Mario Lanza:  Diane Keller. 1326 S. Broad Street
  • Casa di Passz Clubhouse:  David Guinn, Barbara Smolen & Michael Schall. 1423 S. 12th Street
  • Pathology of Devotion:  Vincent Desiderio (restored by Jared Bader). 12th & Morris Streets
  • History of Passyunk:  Jared Bader. 1600 E Passyunk Avenue
  • The Traveling Story Teller:  Lee Behl. 601 Carpenter Street
  • Urban Landscape:  James Burns. Snyder Plaza
  • South Philly Musicians:  Peter Pagast. 1231 E. Passyunk Avenue
  • Tribute to Frank Guarrera:  Peter Pagast. 1532 S. Broad Street
  • A Summary of Mummery:  Robert Bullock. 37 Washington Avenue
  • Frank Sinatra:  Diane Keller. Broad & Wharton Streets
  • Marian Anderson:  Joshua Mays. Marian Anderson Recreation Center—740 S. 17th Street
  • Embrace Second Chances (The Continuation of Life): Donald Gensler. 1221 S. 15th Street
  • Fables of Fortune:  Eric Okdeh. 2300 S. 7th Street

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